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There are several factors that go into how fast an RC can drive and they almost never come out of the box as fast as they claim.

On a side note we just ordered our very own track timing kit so were going to be able to put these things to an actual test!

Battery Type:Most Ready to Run model trucks do in fact come with a battery, normally a Nimh. When you look at the outside of a box, say a Traxxas 4X4 it is going to say something like 65mpg top speed. What they don’t tell you in as obvious a way is that you have to fork out another 40 bucks to get the Lipo battery that is going to be able to run that speed.

Pay attention to what the required equipment is to reach the speeds you want. Lithium Polymer batteries are the new hotness in the RC world and come in a wide variety of cells. The more cells you go with the more speed you get, you will want to make sure what your speed controller can handle though before running out and buying a 4S lipo and torching your RC motor.

Gearing:Another thing most people who are first getting into the hobby typically don’t know about is in order to get a higher top speed you much change the gearing. There is a give and take when it comes to the type of gearing you choose to run. In exchange for higher top speed, you are going to sacrifice acceleration. In order to hit the top speeds most vehicles claim you are going to need to gear them to a point where you wont use it for much racing other than straight driving

Making The Right Call:As a general rule you can avoid disappointment if you don’t choose your RC solely on top speed. Think about other important things like how you are going to use it. In a lot of ways it is kind of like when you buy new cars, they often claim certain Miles Per Gallon but that is typically on some sort of closed course with a 60lb driver, no seats, and the wind at their back…well you get the point.

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Its coming! Nitro fans, this is for you!  The first European Nitro Challenge will be held at the world famous Hocekheim Forumula 1 Circuit on June 23-26 and will feature 4 classes:

  • 1/8 On-road Open
  • 1/8 On-road Hobby Cup
  • 1/10 On-road Open
  • 1/10 On-road Hobby Cup

On Thursday and Friday the track is open for practice, the qualifying will be held on Saturday, and the finals are scheduled for Sunday. On Saturday evening a dinner buffet takes place in the nearby Hockenheim Ring Hotel (200m from the track) with a view to the pitlane of the formula 1 track followed by music and drinks. The open classes are for racers that want to run against the top team drivers of the participating companies. There are still some places available!!

This would be a really exciting event to watch with over 60 entries to include a very high level of racing. There are several world champions and top drivers throughout the world entering in this event.

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When it comes to decide which RC car to your hard earned money on a difficult decision, it’s a small guide for the first time buy, which I’m sure are overwhelmed by not only the choice, but types of RC cars available .
In a nutshell, there are two categories:
This is generally regarded as the most popular in the area, several sub-classes like monster trucks, rally cars, Truggies and Bashers, with the lastis a kind of on / off road
On the road
This is my personal area of ​​expertise, these machines are built to thoroughbred high eating asphalt, but it has good road, even something ages parking will hurt these babies have configuration options that you expect to see NASCAR or F1, anything camber adjusted for depreciation.
There are two major subcategories.
This is the starting point for most people, Iimagine this a try before you embark on something that has a combustion engine. They are easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive, not break, and much, much cleaner. What they lack in power they gain in precision, never clip at the top like a pro.
Nitro (aka RC Gas or Petrol)
The grandfather of RC racing, these babies have an enormous power, the Nitro bikes a little practice, unlike electric riders, there is a slightdelay in the throttle and the break you need to get used to, but if the noise, smoke and power is your thing look no further. Nitro cars tend not to survive crashes and power due to weight and speed of the accident.
The basic rule is to stick to Electric until you are ready to run on Nitro, they are incredibly fast and many things can go wrong, you need batteries for example, and the gas may stick open. While on an electric car will not changeescape, internal combustion is a different story …
So you’ve decided what the main class you want, you must now decide what the car will be used for, there is a huge difference between the weekend warrior that tears from his local park and anyone who wants to race too seriously.
Some tips on choosing a good starter car
2nd hand RC material has no resale value, which is good for you, look in the forums and auction sites and you will be approximately 75% of the storeoriginal cost, not to mention that most owners have several ups and extra hops = they normally throw in the face.
it takes three things to get into RC, kit, electronics for the kit (cruise control, receiver, Sero, batteries) and a remote
Construction of the car is easy and you can do in 8 hours, but the birthday boy, it is best to get a RTR (Ready to Race), because they often come with all the above, check before you buy, they will tell youthis supplement you need. TT01 is a generally comes with everything you need, apart from the distance, it is worth slightly more than the remote, because it’s something you again and again.
Make sure that you will be able to spare and hop-up for the kit. (Important)
The best place to buy is the Internet, it is undoubtedly true, you get the best variety and prices of online shops.
Stay away from Nitro (gas) powered RC cars until you drive an electricElectric RC cars are easy and cheap to maintain and fewer problems in general to give.


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I’ve always been interested in anything RC but have been away from the hobby for some years (mostly bashing and tinkering). Since then this hobby has gotten some pretty major tech advances with brushless, lipo and 2.4 ghz. This blog will document my experiences as I get reacquainted with the hobby I so enjoyed

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